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Saturday 16 April 2011
Members Highlights
Hi ANSer\'s

We have started a new feature at ANS.Once a month we will highlight a different artist.
This way we can show that we do appreciate their work.
Also to give others incentive to upload too. Hope everyone enjoys the new feature.

Lets start with the ladies first. We have chosen Jazzilady. I have been a fan of her art since she joined us here at ANS. I always look forward to seeing more of her artwork .She has proven to be very good at her work and has been our featured artist before.

Here is a sample from her gallery and enjoy this artist.

link to her gallery
Posted by storm347 on Sat Apr 16 2011, 08:04PM | Comments: 2
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Butterfly on 14 Mar : 12:05
[re: ANS interview 9 : Butterfly "Mandy "]
Thanks Pearl

sed on 22 Feb : 10:50
[re: [poll] VOTE-ANS 3RD Challenge " Valentines Day Artwork "]
I never even voted... Didnt see this link till today!!! DUH!

cdav on 19 Feb : 16:59
[re: 3rd ANS Challenge Results]
Good going and congrat's, Sed.. Nice one there. . thx!

sed on 18 Feb : 09:24
[re: 3rd ANS Challenge Results]
Thanks BIG TIME --- Amongst all the PRETTY ones, Im not sure
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11 Jul : 23:45
hiya g33z

13 Apr : 22:55
sup everyone!

20 Mar : 01:17
hi everyone been missing you guys glad i was finally able to log in have a good wednesday.

28 Jan : 08:42
Morning all

Maged Media
09 Sep : 15:23
Hi Stormy,
Yes you are right. hope that we return to the old active days.
Miss you all, & Nice to see you too, dear

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