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Where are they?
Hi guys, I was wondering where are these artists? There are many more the list goes on and on, we would love to see more from them, we miss seeing their artworks, we would love for them to come back!
(BTW, These works were on my fav lists on my PC)

Here are some fantastic artworks!

Posted by Pearldrop on Wed Apr 16 2008, 03:57PM | Comments: 4
Maged Media

18 Apr : 19:21

ohhhh i was really touched to find my Alive PC Skin in this fantastic list .. thanks pearl
well really it was a long time since i last designed a windowblinds skin ... and from ime to time i design a wall or a screensaver.. i get this back to lag of time
i really have a lot to do for that engineering faculty it is taking all the time .. beside running my own forum site "for my univerisity friends " & contributing in some acitivities like constructing a charity site including banners and flyers and honourably doing some little help here at my dear site ANS .. that all got all my time
just when i get to summer holiday i think there willl be more designs and more skins after seeing this touching nice post from u pearl and some emails i got asking about my designs and future versions of alive pc ........

Just Relax & Go beyond Imagination

18 Apr : 19:39

Oh, MM, I am so glad you are touched, I am hoping others will be touched and to encourage them to please come back!

.:: Don't ask me why ::.


23 Apr : 12:26

47songs (Donna Gorman) had a debilitating series of strokes last year and is still recovering. Her Com Pewter series is one of my favorites, too....right next to Velvet Shadows and Nautical Mile... LOL!!!

Keep Skinning Fun!!!

29 Nov : 09:49

IF I knew who the artists WERE.... I might be able to tell ya!

Skinbase/Basehead Admin
It's not what you take with you when you leave this world behind you, it's what you leave behind you when you go

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Butterfly on 14 Mar : 12:05
[re: ANS interview 9 : Butterfly "Mandy "]
Thanks Pearl

sed on 22 Feb : 10:50
[re: [poll] VOTE-ANS 3RD Challenge " Valentines Day Artwork "]
I never even voted... Didnt see this link till today!!! DUH!

cdav on 19 Feb : 16:59
[re: 3rd ANS Challenge Results]
Good going and congrat's, Sed.. Nice one there. . thx!

sed on 18 Feb : 09:24
[re: 3rd ANS Challenge Results]
Thanks BIG TIME --- Amongst all the PRETTY ones, Im not sure
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11 Jul : 23:45
hiya g33z

13 Apr : 22:55
sup everyone!

20 Mar : 01:17
hi everyone been missing you guys glad i was finally able to log in have a good wednesday.

28 Jan : 08:42
Morning all

Maged Media
09 Sep : 15:23
Hi Stormy,
Yes you are right. hope that we return to the old active days.
Miss you all, & Nice to see you too, dear

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